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Lisa Thomas, Trainer and Owner

Lisa  Thomas is a personal trainer and the owner of Elite Fitness Training  Studio. Lisa has been a certified personal trainer for 25 years, since  1990, with a passion for the fitness industry to help educate and  motivate clients to meet their goals. Over the years Lisa has devoted  her life to fitness growing with all the fades and changes and continues  on being a leader in health and wellness. She carries many  certifications and continues to study fitness, nutrition, and sports  nutrition. Since 1990 she studied martial arts, figure, fitness, physic,  bodybuilding and obstacle course competitions. Lisa trains and coaches  clients in weight training, weight loss, sports conditioning, and  competition prep and has been for over 25 years.  While her work  experience is in personal training and competition prep it is not  limited to just that, she also trains semi-pro, pro, and high school  athletes preparing them to perform to full potential.  Lisa was the  fitness expert author for the monthly fitness column in the Sport  Journal magazine for many years. Lisa has been featured in several  fitness magazines; Oxygen, Natural

Muscle  Magazine, WTF Magazine, Shape, and many years in local newspapers. Lisa  was inducted in 2014 TRI-FITNESS HALL OF FAME.          

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   Lisa training,
   Lisa at one of the many Tri-Fitness Challenge Obstacle Course races: 


Matt DuFresne

Matt comes to Elite-Fit from a background in bodybuilding and integrative nutrition. Matt has 10 years of experience working in medical weight loss and integrative nutritional therapy. Matt combines his knowledge from nursing, nutrition, and exercise science to bring detailed, evidence-based information to the members of Elite-fit. Matt's bodybuilding accomplishments include Mr. USA 1988, Mr. America 1989 and Mr.Universe 1989. Matt has also competed in the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon after his bodybuilding career. He brings over 30 years of training expertise to the Elite-Fit team.


Devon Thomas, Assistant

Devon has been active in sports since the  age of two, he has been on a competitive gymnastics team, competitive  baseball & basketball teams in Mass, CT and NY also trained in  martial arts. He has also participated in soccer, softball, and football  in his spare time. Devon has competed in many obstacle course races  such as Tri-Fitness in FL and Vegas, Rugged Maniacs and Metro Dashes in DC. He has also competed in  national competitions Tri-Fitness bench press, shuttle races, box jump skills, and obstacle course races. Devon's life is very active  being raised in a gym with both parents in professional sports, personal  trainers, nutritionist, and sport conditioning coaches. His active life  has given him a natural interest in training not only for his sports  but for overall health. He has been working at Elite Fitness Training  Studio since 2011, teaching kids classes and team teaching lifting  classes. 

Check some of Devon's workouts,
     Devon and Dayton training, Dayton has to train year round for his baseball,