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Elite Fitness works with Natural Athletes for contest prep.  


The  overall plan is customized for your competitive levels. The "PLAN" is  based on your goals, body and work ethics. 
Elite Fitness can customize a nutritional plan to meet your individual requirements, overall calories, marco's, timing of meals  - etc.
Elite Fitness can help you on creating the best physical  shape for your contest physique. During the evaluation we look  at strengths, weaknesses and from there build your individualized  training plan.
Elite Fitness can also guide you about cardio for  bodyfat loss - the days, duration, type and intensity may change week to  week depending on how your body responds to a meal plan and training.  Everyone is different and Elite Fitness will monitor you closely.


First, reach out to Lisa my email and answer some of the following questions. 

1. Your age, sex, height, weight, & goal 

2. What Competition Category? (Bikini, Bodybuilding, Figure.. so on) Do you have a date/show picked?

3. What level are you? Have you competed before?

4. If you have competed before, Have you had other prep coaches? and Who? 

5. Do you have any health issues?

6. What are your concerns about contest prep?

7. How did you hear about Lisa?

Send these questions / answers to Lisa at 

This is our time to get to know each other. Let us make sure WE can be a team, a perfect fit for each other. 

Second, book your first session. Getting Started with Competition Prep is $200. this is the starting fee.

We will email, text and have a video live session. You will be working with Lisa to build your meal plan, workouts, and cardio plan. 

Third, weekly check-ins are important for the process. I need to have an email of your progress, this should include the following:          -  WEEKLY EMAIL  INCLUDE -

front, each side and back photos head to toe (please have a contest suit on NO NAKED ONES, full coverage) meal planning info, workouts, cardio, and emotionally how are you feeling.  

Weekly check-ins are about 15 mins to 30 mins of live chats. Expect to be in posing suit and a posing session will happen at this time. These weekly check-ins are $60. 


Book Your Coach Now

Getting Started with Competition Prep


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Streaming Check-INS


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Live Streaming check-in  needs  an  appointment.

Expect  to  review  your  plan  and  pose.

Be  ready to ask  questions take  notes  and  have  proper  attire,  lighting  and  space  to pose in.  

Bikini Posing Practice

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Lisa Thomas Baseball Fitness Routine

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Bikini Posing Session

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Derek's first few posing sessions

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Lisa Thomas working the Michael Jackson tunes

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